Degrees Catering



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Fair Trade Organic Shade Grown Coffee order in quantities of 15 $2.10pp
Numi Teas order in quantities of 5 $2.10pp

Water - Bottled $2.25ea
Water ½ Cambro (serves 45) $12.00ea
Water Cambro (serves 90) $20.00ea

Juice Can - Assorted Fruit Flavours $1.95ea
Juice ½ Cambro (serves 45) $59.00ea
Juice Cambro (serves 90) $112.00ea
Vegetable Juice $3.75ea

Soft Drinks Can - Assorted Pepsi Products $1.95ea
San Pellegrino 250ml $3.50ea
Milk 250ml 2%, skim or chocolate $1.95ea
Sparkling Punch (serves 40) $60.00ea
Sparkling Punch (serves 50) $75.00ea


Muffins $2.75ea 
Scones $2.75ea
Croissants $2.75ea
Assorted Loaf Slices (V option) $2.75ea
Doughnuts $2.75ea
Cinnamon Buns $2.75ea
Mini Assorted Danish $18.00doz
Mini Stuffed Croissants minimum 1 dozen per order $24.00doz
Chocolate Bavarian or ham & cheese


Mini Assorted Cakes & Squares $1.95ea
Mini Assorted Cheesecakes $1.95ea
Mini Shortbread Cookies plain or chocolate dipped minimum 1 dozen per order $24.00doz
Mini Éclairs minimum 1 dozen per order $30.00doz
Mini Cappuccino Cookies minimum 1 dozen per order $24.00doz
Mini Assorted Biscotti minimum 1 dozen per order $18.00doz

Dessert Bars & Squares $3.50ea
Variety may include; Butter tarts, coconut slice bars, Nanaimo bars,
raspberry almond slice bars, peanut butter crunch bars, fudge brownies,
Belgium brownies, lemon zing bars & caramel apple bars

Cupcakes minimum 1 dozen per flavor $3.25ea
Chocolate, vanilla, marble & vegan vanilla lemon V
Mini Assorted Chocolate & Vanilla cupcakes minimum 2 dozen per order & order in quantities of 12 $18.00doz

Assorted Petit Fours minimum 4 dozen $27.00doz
Profiteroles, frangipane tarts, fruit layer torte, chocolate layer torte & passion rolls

Cookies $1.95ea
Chocolate chip, double chocolate chip, Smarties & oatmeal raisin
Mini Cookies minimum 1 dozen per order $12.00doz
The Works V minimum 1 dozen per order $24.00doz


Fresh Whole Fruit $1.25ea
Individual Yogurt $2.50ea
Individual Fresh Fruit Cups $3.75ea
Granola Bar $3.50ea
Mountain Bar $3.50ea
Individual Yogurt Parfaits $5.25ea
Granola $2.50pp
Crudités & Dip or Hummus $4.50pp
Fresh Sliced Fruit $4.50pp
Fruit & Cheese $5.95pp
Domestic Cheese with Crackers $5.95pp


Cookies $3.50ea
Chewy Chocolate Chunk or Raspberry Almond Shortbread
Muffins $3.50ea
Blueberry, Lemon Raspberry or Vegan
Loaves $3.50ea
Dessert Bars $3.50ea
Coconut slice bars, Nanaimo bars, raspberry almond slice bars &
peanut butter crunch bar

 *While we strive to ensure our GF foods are safe for your consumption, we cannot safeguard against possible cross contamination.