Degrees Catering


Pick Up Menu

An accessible alternative to delivery and for those hosting smaller meetings, our pick up service provides more value for basic catering needs with no minimums on guests or purchases. Pick up orders will be available to collect from the new Student & Housing Building #1, right next to the SUB off Ring Road. 



Complete boxed coffee setup for 10-12 people.
Includes cream, sugar, cups & stir sticks.



Complete boxed tea setup for 10-12 people.
Includes tea bags, milk, sugar, cups & stir sticks.


Cold Drinks

Selection of 8 cans of pop (Coke brand)




Variety of 8 freshly baked items.
Includes muffins, scones



Variety of 12 freshly baked cookies



Selection of 5 deluxe sandwiches or wraps.
Each cut in half for 10 portions.


Fruit Box

Selection of 8 pieces of fresh fruit.
Includes bananas, apples & oranges.


Cut Fruit

Variety of sliced fresh fruit for 6-10 people.



Variety of cut veggies for 6-10 people. 
Includes ranch dip.


Flatbread + Dip

Flatbread served with two dips for 6-10 people.



PDF Menu (Minimum 3 dozen per selection) 

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